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Park Police Lt. Shibu Philipose Receives Silver Medal of Valor Award

Congratulations to Lieutenant Shibu Philipose who received a Silver Medal of Valor Award at the 42nd Annual Public Safety Awards. The Silver Medal of Valor Award recognizes an act of bravery involving great personal risk beyond the call of duty.

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, Lt. Shibu Philipose was off duty and on his way home from church in Takoma Park with his three children when he saw that a tree had fallen on top of an SUV and severely crushed the roof of the car above the driver and front passenger compartment.

Lt. Philipose was surprised to find that the driver (and sole occupant) was conscious and trying to open his driver side door which was clearly stuck. Lt. Philipose was able to pull open the rear door of the SUV and get into the vehicle to calm the driver and to see if he had any injuries. The driver said he was fine. As Lt. Philipose talked to him, he told him he would stay with him until the fire department arrived to safely get him out.

As the two of them continued talking, they heard a loud "clunk" sound from the roof of the car, followed by another loud "clunk" sound. Fearful that the roof may collapse further, Lt. Philipose told the driver that they had to get out of the car. The only way for the driver to get out was if he maneuvered himself into the back seat area. As the driver pushed with his legs, Lt. Philipose was able to help pull him between the front seats to the rear seat.

As the driver emerged from the car, his legs were unsteady, so Lt. Philipose and a bystander helped the driver to the guard rail where he sat down. If Lt. Philipose had not come along when he did and acted without regard to his own safety, the driver of the vehicle may not be alive today.

Vehicles with fallen tree on top

Cars with tree on roofs – September 13, 2015
Carroll Avenue @ Sligo Creek Parkway


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