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Park Police patchFrequently asked questions

Crime Reporting

How do I report a crime?

Please call 301-949-3010 to report anything that seems "out of place" or occurring at an unusual time of day. To report routine maintenance issues such as trash dumping, broken equipment, grass cutting, etc., please call 301-670-8080.

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Suspicious events to watch for and report

  • Screaming, yelling, or fighting
  • Someone peering into parked cars
  • People in the park after hours (unless the park is designated for night-time activities)
  • People loitering in the park
  • The sound of breaking glass or any loud explosive noise
  • Dumping of trash, yardwaste, or construction debris in the parks

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Information needed when you call

  • What happened?
  • Where did it happen?
  • When did it happen?
  • Was anyone hurt?
  • Description of persons:
    • Age , Sex, Race, Weight, Height, Clothing, Any unique characteristics to help identify suspects
  • Description of Vehicles:
    • License number / State, Make, Model, Color

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Fines/Traffic Violations

NOTE: Traffic violations written on a State of Maryland traffic citation cannot be paid at our office. Fine amounts and points are set by the State of Maryland and fines must be paid to the District Court.

Parking violations and municipal infractions (adult civil citations) for park rules and regulation violations may be paid by mail or in person. Payment by mail may be made by check or money order - do not mail cash. Payments made in person may be paid by cash, check, or money order.

Payments should be made to M-NCPPC and sent or brought to: 12751 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland 20906

Parking regulations

Sub-Section A: Stopped/Standing/Parked:

  1. in front of a public driveway: $50
  2. within an intersection: $50
  3. within 20 feet of a crosswalk: $50
    obstructing a crosswalk: $50
    within 20 feet of an intersection: $50
  4. on a bridge: $50
  5. prohibited by sign: $50
    not in accord with sign (HANDICAPPED): $50
  6. on the traveled portion of a roadway: $50
    on the traveled portion of a public driveway: $50
  7. on a bicycle path: $50
    on a hiker path: $50
    on a bridle path: $50
    on an access road: $50
    obstructing the entrance to a bicycle path: $50
    obstructing the entrance to a hiker path: $50
    obstructing the entrance to a bridle path: $50
    obstructing the entrance to an access road: $50
  8. obstructing another vehicle: $50
    obstructing traffic: $50
  9. occupying more than one space: $50
  10. when area not open to public: $50
  11. on grass: $50
  12. in a fire lane: $50
  13. on area other than designated for parking: $50
  14. within 15 feet of a fire hydrant: $50
  15. within 30 feet of a traffic control device: $50

Sub-Section B: Stopped/Parked (parallel parking off roadway):

  • on wrong side of roadway: $50
  • not parallel to edge of roadway: $50
  • with left wheels more than 36” from edge: $50

Sub-Section B: Stopped/Parked (parallel parking off roadway):

  • on wrong side of roadway: $50
  • not parallel to edge of roadway: $50
  • with left wheels more than 36” from edge: $50

Sub-Section C:

  • Bus parked without permit/permission: $50
  • Bus parked in other than designated area: $50

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Park rules: Land Use Article 17-207

Chapter III:

  1. Hours of operation: $50

Chapter IV:

  1. Enforcement of traffic laws: $50
  2. Speed limit: $50
  3. Permissable roadways: $50
  4. Trucks over 3/4 ton, commercial vehicles, buses: $50

Chapter V:

  1. Permit rules and conditions: $50
  2. Posted regulations: $50
  3. Alcohol : $50
  4. Conduct
    1. Indecent conduct [urinating or defecating]: $50
    2. Indecent conduct [sexual, indecent or obscene acts]: $50
  5. Obstructing entrances, exits, sidewalks: $50
  6. Employees: interference with duties: $50
  7. Unauthorized presence: $50
  8. Destruction of park property: $50
  9. Littering, dumping and storage [A, B, C]: $50
  10. Posting regulations: $50
  11. Erecting structures: $50
  12. Commercial use: $50
  13. Audio devices and noise: $50
  14. Automobile service : $50
  15. Powered model airplanes and rockets: $50
  16. Fireworks and explosives: $50
  17. Weapons: $50
  18. Gambling: $50
  19. Metal detectors, digging: $50
  20. Domesticated animals [A-F, leash laws]: $50
  21. Wildlife [catch, injure, destroy, interfere w/o permit] : $50

Chapter VI:

  1. Aeronautical activities: $50
  2. Athletics: $50
  3. Bicycling [A-F] B - $50, D - $50, all others - $50
  4. Boating [A, B, C]: $50
  5. Camping: $50
  6. Fires [A, B, C]: $50
  7. Fishing: $50
  8. Golf: $50
  9. Horseback riding: $50
  10. Hunting/trapping [B, A]: $50
  11. Picnicking: $50
  12. Roller skating - skateboards: $50
  13. Swimming, water sports: $50
  14. Winter sports: $50
  15. Play equipment except by permit: $50

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Adult alcohol (18-20 only must appear)


10-114: Minor: alcohol: fraud to obtain [misrepresent age]: $500

    a. Minor: possess alcohol: $500

10-116: Minor: obtain alcohol for: $500

    a. Minor: furnish alcohol: $500

10-118: Unregistered keg: $500

    a. Alter keg registration: $500

    b. Minor: alcohol from keg: $500

10-120: Fail: proof of age and ID: $50

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Police reports

How do I request a copy of a police report?

Copies of police and motor vehicle accident reports on park property can be purchased from the Records Section, at 12751 Layhill Road, Silver Spring, Maryland, between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for $5.00. Reports require a minimum of five days from the date of the incident or accident before they will be available to you.

Privacy Act restrictions apply to many reports especially arrest reports. Only accident reports can be mailed. All other reports must be picked up in person by a "party of interest" (named in report) or their legal representative. For additional information, please call 301-929-2710.

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How do I claim property/vehicles?

Found property is held for 90 days within the Property Section and may be claimed by calling 301-929-2764. Evidence property will not be released without the written authorization of the police officer or investigator assigned to the case.

Vehicles seized for drug activity or for evidence processing will not be released without the investigator's authorization. The investigator will contact the vehicle owner and advise of the release procedures.

Vehicles impounded for any other reason are taken to the tow company's lot. Information on release procedures is available by calling 301-949-8011.

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Safety tips

Trails are available for use from sunrise to sunset each day.
NOTE: Program Park Police emergency number into your cell phone before you leave: 301-949-3010. Your safety is our concern!

  • Never walk alone and always let someone know where you are going.
  • Be very observant of your surroundings and of other people. Avoid areas where visibility is poor and don't wear headsets.
  • Wear reflective material and carry a whistle or noisemaker.
  • Don't leave valuable items in plain view inside of your car. Leave them at home or lock them in your trunk prior to arriving at your destination.
  • Trust your instincts. Don't walk where you feel uncomfortable.
  • Park in well-lit, heavily traveled areas if possible.
  • When you approach your car, have your key ready and check the floor and the back seats before you get in.
  • Remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way. All trail users should stay to the right on the trail. Pets should be kept on a leash, and owners must clean up after their pets.
  • Be sure to carry identification (which includes name, phone number, and pertinent medical information), and record your bicycle serial number. Carry coins for phone calls, or take a cell phone along. Know the locations of phone booths and open businesses in the vicinity you'll be traveling.

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Date of last update: July 17, 2014